"When I first moved to Chicago in 1992 it was important to form a band in Newport so I could pop back over for band meetings in the Riv every week or so. Julian, Smartie and Me were called LL and we wrote songs about Newport Gwent (our hometown) transatlantically and once and a while in person. We did maypole dances at TJs and sang songs of sheep sleeping in the vale and lady coalminers and screamed our abuse at the belching chemical towers of Rechem. In 2014 we decided to make a record to catalog the great songs we had written down the years but as we started the process of organizing our obscure past Matt, Guto, Erik and Barkley appeared from nowhere and we turned into a somewhat real band that played big festivals like Busk on the Usk, Glastonbury, Green Man and Tolpuddle and began writing new songs about Newport Gwent (our hometown) and finally changed our name from LL to the Men of Gwent and made a proper vinyl record" says Jon Langford, hippy legend and Gaer boy of note. The Legend of LL by Jon Langford and his Men of Gwent is available via Country Mile Records in Cardiff. The Men of Gwent feature current and former members of The Darling Buds, The Discount Chiefs, Give Me Memphis, The Pretty Things, Mekons, Three Johns etc."