We’ve made a MEKONVILLE manifesto – feel free to tell us what else should be included!

  • You don’t have to bring loo roll – we will never run out
  • You can wander around our lovely garden to your heart’s content
  • Getting caught in the rain is optional – there are plenty of indoor spaces with things going on
  • Booze is at less than pub prices (and we mean Suffolk pubs!)
  • There will be plentiful and varied entertainment with optional audience participation (games, workshops etc)
  • Camping is optional – check out our accommodation page for B&Bs.   Leave your children with a consenting responsible adult (sadly not provided) and sneak off.
  • Or stay and sleep under the stars in beautiful surroundings listening to the hooting of the owls.
  • You’re guaranteed to make new friends
  • Lovely homecooked, locally sourced food
  • Nice friendly security guards to ensure a safe and relaxing festival