There is plenty of parking available on site, and space for taxis to drop you off. The car park is only a 30 second walk to the events.


There will definitely not be a shortage of food at Mekonville! We will have on site catering from local companies, and local independent vendors will stop you from feeling peckish or thirsty. We do have a bar on site stocking an array of alcoholic beverages including local beer and ales - we run this to the 'Challenge 25' policy. The nearest supermarket is 3 miles away in Debenham, but delicious food and drink is available on site. We will have limited spirits, so if you want to be sipping on sambuca for the Mekonville weekend, you'll need to bring it yourself in a plastic container (no glass allowed).


A collection of 'portaloos' will be on site and available 24 hours to use. This includes a disabled access toilet.


Although the site area is upon flat terrain, the grass is thick in areas and can be uneven and bumpy. The site may not be suitable for some physically less-able people and we recommend only all terrain, heavy duty mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs. Please contact us directly using our CONTACT FORM if you should have any queries, or if there is anything specific we can do to make your visit less stressful.


Smoking will not be permitted in any covered area. If you do smoke, PLEASE make sure that your cigarettes are fully extinguished - we are surrounded by beautiful fields, and if the sun shines as we anticipate it will do, the grass will be dry. Dry grass and cigarette cinders are not a combination we'd like to experience at Mekonville. Thank you!


We have a large camping area on site which is tents only. All cars, caravans and campervans will need to remain in the designated car park.

In the camping area will be eco-showers so you can stay fresh, and portaloos will be close by should you need to venture out in the night!

Please try and take your rubbish home or put it into the bins provided. There's lots of wildlife around and they will get easy entangled in string, plastic and tent pegs if you leave any. We will provide a giant bonfire all weekend for you to sit around so please don't start your own. Please bear in mind that this event will be in the middle of harvest and any stray fires will cause considerable loss to the surrounding crops. No generators are permitted on site.

We hope that you will really enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Watch the stars which are crystal clear and sleep to the sound of the owls hooting in the trees. Who needs a hotel?


We will have an Information Point and Production Office where you can find out where things are, and lost property may be found there. We will also have a phone charging point.