Eton Crop is a post punk band from Kudelstaart, a small village near Amsterdam. Influenced by bands like The Mekons and The Fall, they released their first single in 1980 but started to build a following in England in the mid eighties. They did that by releasing records on the Norwich Grunt Grunt A Go Go label (It’s My Dog Maestro) and Ediesta (Yes Please, Bob) and by playing a lot in the UK with musical soulmates The Fall, The Three Johns and The Nightingales. The NME and Melody Maker picked the band up and they were regulars on The John Peel Show ending up in 5 Peel Sessions, one of them being released on John’s Strange Fruit label. In an early eighties poll of music weekly Sounds, Peel called Eton Crop his worldwide favorite band, where The Fall were his British favorites. In 2016 Eton Crop released the vinyl album Peel Sessions 83-88 with ten of the tracks they recorded for John Peel.

Eton Crop stopped playing  years ago. They reformed in 2014 to play the Peel Regenerated festival in Stockton. Since then, they’ve made it a yearly tradition to play England in october. They will do that this year again.

But they are very proud to visit the country in juli too for Mekonville. Because the Mekons always have been a big influence to the band. Because they covered The Building and Roger Troutman, because Tom Greenhalgh produced their album Yes Please, Bob, because Jon Langford produced Six Silhouette Romances and because Jon designed the cover of It’s My Dog, Maestro. To name a few reasons!

Eton Crop is looking forward to Mekonville!